Saturday, 5 October 2013

World Stage Design 2013 - Royal Welsh Collage of Music and Drama

From the 2nd - 17th of September I was a volunteer at WSD 2013. A reflection of the 2 weeks, of my favourite memories and images.

I was a part of the production team during  the 'Get in' and 'Get out ' then was one of the documentation team during the festival itself.

I had many jobs from; sanding, painting, filling, assisting designers/model makers to a general extra hand.

The festival included; performances, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, talks and creative events during the two weeks. As an unofficial official photographer the aim was to document as much of the festival as we could. Knowing that it would be impossible to catch everything, we had a number of productions and tasks to document each day.

The Karts were a big success although I didn't take part in making them, I thought that they were a quirky and inspired. Some were used to sell food and drinks and others were used to promote various organisations and performances.

I attended a number of workshops; I thoroughly enjoyed the Tea for Tutu with Ramon B. Ivars and Carlos Muchart. The intricate process of making a tutu, with different materials and lengths. I also was fascinated by the way it photographed, seeing every detail of the mesh and tulle, with it's natural folds creating depth and shadows.
The Willow Theatre

"The building’s strength will come from hired and returnable industrial scaffolding while the decorative fronds and interior walls will be made from UK-produced horticultural fleece, a re-usable material which can also be recycled to make more of the same fabric."  The building was built and taken down by the volunteers. Watch the build it's self at;

The Exhibition; My favourite photographs

I've learnt so much by talking to designers and attending talks during to two weeks. 


National Dance Company Wales: PURLIEUS/VIRTUAL DESCENT
Letter to The Wold III
 'The piece communicates the artists’ shared concerns over the diminishing creation and use of public spaces.
Public spaces are where people gather at the same time and space to share social experiences '


Stolen Heart - Puppetry perfomance by Royal Welsh Collage of Music and Drama: A promenade, site specific performance in the Park and grounds around the college .

The experience of world stage design has taught me how hard theatre can be and how much work and long hours go into productions/exhibitions. Yet how rewarding it feels to succeed after working towards a long awaited goal. I have gained contacts and many friends during the two weeks, it was unforgettable. I feel inspired, excited and equipped for the next chapter of Theatre Design at Royal Welsh Collage of Music and Drama.

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